We Are Pioneers in Cloud based Advance Analytics, Machine Learning & Big Data Solutions

with employee strength of 50 skilled consultants / developers / data scientists

helping business grow

Our Digital Cloud Transformation Services

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

PyTorch, Caffe’
Azure Databricks
Machine Learning
Enterprise Chatbots
Image & Video Analytics
Azure Machine Learning
Data Services

Data Services

Streaming Analytics
Enterprise Data Lake
SAP Analytics on Azure



Security Scans
ARM Templates
Cloud Management Platform

Apps & Infra

Apps & Infra

Infra Monitoring
SaaS Enablement
VDC Deployments
Application Modernization

Ransh Strengths

Big Data & Machine Learning Capabilities

  • Processing 10TB of Data everyday and creating BI report out of it
  • Analysing 20M user data everyday on the Portal
  • Generating centralized TRP value for 3 platforms
  • Processing and Analysing 10K Real Time Data every minute
  • Eliminated manual intervention and Automated 80% manual process of Claim Process
  • Reducing IT operational cost upto 80%
  • Centralised and Digitalisation of Supply Chain process 
Ransh Strengths

Cloud Modernisation

  • Reduces cost of ownership (Workforce, Hardware Maintenance, Electricity, etc.)
  • 24*7support
  • Pay as you go
  • Reduced Latency
  • High Throughput
  • High Reliability
Ransh Strengths

ChatBot Offerings

  • Enterprises automated up to 90% of their customer interaction using chatbots
  • Messaging response increase in chat conversations
  • Reduced live chat volume 
  • 80% of HR workforce responses by chatbot from
    • Query response to Leave Application automation
  • IT admin 50% workforce replaced by Chatbots
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