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Chatbot: Automate Your Customer Service

Our omnichannel chatbot helps you automate your customer service, decrease live contacts and make your team more efficient.

Why Do I Need a Chatbot?

  • Be Available 24/7/On all Channels

    Solve customer queries, any time, anywhere. Don’t be limited to office hours to deliver a great & consistent experience. Customers can always get in touch whenever they want from any channel they prefer like WhatsApp, Live Chat & more.
  • Free-up Service Agents Time

    With automated conversations your agents will win time back to help customers with difficult and complex questions.
  • Understand Your Customers

    If you understand your customers, you know how to improve. With our AI-powered chatbot, you will have valuable insights to continuously improve your service & grow your business.
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Why Global Brands Trust Ransh Chatbot Solution

Easy to Use

We simplify technology: Our Drag-&-Drop chatbot builder platform helps you to easily build customized chatbot workflows without any coding skills or external help.


Deploy the AI Chatbot on WhatsApp, Website, App, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more to give your customer an easy route to reach out to you for any type of query.

Powerful AI Technology

Improve customer engagement with intelligent, automated conversations. Our AI engine continuously learns to understand customer’s context & intent to gives out most accurate responses.


Our chatbot platform is compliant with the highest security standards, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. You can also manage access with different authorization and authentication options.
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