These Are The Types Of Placements That We Offer During The Staffing Process…

Executive Search :

Expertise matters because the result counts

Senior Appointment & Executive Search

Ransh’s team has focused exclusively on the global IT ecosystem for over past few years. That level of experience means our dedicated IT Senior Appointments & Executive Search team can offer unparalleled support to you and your business, in your search for senior and executive IT employees.

Each of our team members has experience with some of the world’s most high profile companies. Through these multiple brand leaders, we are in a position to complete the following types of assignments:

CIO, Partner, Infrastructure / Services Director, Service Management Director, Service Line Director, Project Director, Head of Delivery, Head of applications/process, Head up Solution Architecture, Programme Manager, Competence Centre Manager.

Permanent Placement :

We plant the seeds of talent. You reap the benefits

With years of continual success in the field of permanent recruitment, our internal teams operate on a success-only (contingent) basis. Ransh confidently delivers. We carefully select only a small number of profiles to save your precious time. Ransh conducts thorough research and analysis from the outset. We understand client’s needs thoroughly, including selection criteria, interview process, response times and key sales messages. Ransh ensures the best possible fit to maximize success.

Finding the right candidate is essential. This is why Ransh goes to great lengths to scour the market and unearth or tap fresh talent.

Ransh’s Permanent Placement service offers an added value for any company looking to grow their internal IT competence. At Ransh, we appreciate that a Permanent position requires a significant amount of consideration for both the Client and Candidate and that it is imperative to find the perfect fit for both.

Contract-To-Hire :

We help you tap into the most reliable talent

Our Contract-to-Hire Solution is very similar to our Contract Solution with the exception that the intention of our end-client is to hire our candidate once the initial contract period is satisfactorily completed. With our Contract-to-Hire Solution, you have the added capability to monitor the work performance of our consultant prior to making a formal offer of employment. This also gives our consultant the opportunity to ensure the end-client is somewhere he would like to work on a permanent basis thereby reducing turnover.

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Hired someone you thought was the perfect fit only to find out after a few months that he / she does not meet your expectations?
  • Hired someone that did not possess all the necessary skills but had a great personality fit for the company, only to find out after a few months that it was all a front?
  • Hired someone who decided after a few months of employment that they are really not interested in a full time position?

Following the placement of a consultant in a Contract-to-Hire capacity, we keep in frequent contact and attend onsite visits to make sure all T&E processing is running smoothly, confirm payments are being issued on schedule, and address any issues that can arise from time to time. Once there has been a mutually positive decision to hire our Contractor on a Permanent basis, your dedicated Client and Candidate Development representatives will be on hand to facilitate the negotiations and placement.

Contract Staffing :

Best talent. Delivered.

Ransh provides robust Contract Staffing to any organization requiring IT TALENT. Our focus is on quality and not on quantity, therefore we rarely submit more than 3 candidates per request. We are confident that out of the proposed candidates, you will want to retain one or more to cater to your requirement.

The lifecycle and nature of IT projects requires specific skills for a defined period of time. Ransh has an extended IT expertise to map its client’s requirements into the following resource categories:

  • Subject Matter Experts for pre-studies
  • Post go-live support
  • Overall Project/Program Managers
  • Technical experts in a specific geography
  • Technical experts with specific language skills

After identifying the right category of skill sets required, Ransh applies the following proven engagement principles to ensure a smooth delivery by its consultants throughout the contract period:

  • Identifying authentic references & running a subsequent background check on each shortlisted profile
  • Rightly enabling contractor to comply with local tax, national insurance & medical insurance
  • Efficient payroll & claim processes to ensure a smooth client delivery by its resources

Whether you require an IT Professional for 1 month or 1 year, we guarantee a swift turnaround

Niche Contracting & Consulting :

The best technical minds unleashed.

Niche Contracting

The lifecycle & nature of IT projects requires specific skills for a defined period of time. Ransh has an extended expertise to map its client’s requirements for high-end niche consultants to drive critical & complex projects when expert skill is the only solution for the success of the project.

Consulting offerings

Our unique consulting offerings include:
  • Building full-fledged support team (AMS)
  • Building full-fledged project team (Implementation)
  • Building dedicated individual practices
  • Building the entire specific IT vertical
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